Coverage Areas

From Rural to Corporate

Resound Networks provides broadband wireless internet to areas that range from rural to city centers. Members of the Resound Family range from ranchers and farmers to lawyers and business people.

Currently, Resound Networks is available in Eastern New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle, and Western Oklahoma. Central tower systems exist in Hobbs, New Mexico as well as Lubbock, Pampa, Wheeler, Shamrock and Wellington Texas.

That being said Resound Networks is always expanding. We are thrilled to be continually building new towers all across the Midwest, to be able to invite even more individuals, families and companies into the Resound Family.

Coverage Map

Below you can see our coverage map. Blue denotes areas where coverage is currently available, and green indicates where new tower construction is underway, and coverage will be available shortly.

By Fall of 2021, the areas in green will be live with Resound Internet! We do not have our dates finalized but know they will be in these locations.