About Lifeline

Lifeline is the FCC’s program to help make communications services more affordable for low-income consumers. Lifeline discounts subscribers monthly telephone service, broadband Internet access service, or voice-broadband bundled service purchased from participating providers.


Qualification for Lifeline requires that your primary residence is within the program’s state and that you either have a gross annual income at or below the program’s established income thresholds. Another way to qualify is if you participate in the following public assistance programs:

  • Food Stamps / Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid (not Medicare)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Income-based eligibility – Consumers at or below 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • The Veteran’s Pension or Survivor’s Pension benefit

How To Get Lifeline

Mail a completed Lifeline Telephone Application and provide proof of eligibility. If your application is approved and you are a current Resound Networks customer, discounts will apply to your bill effective the next billing cycle.

If you are not currently a Resound customer:

  • Sign up for service with the name listed on your Lifeline application
  • Email your approval to


National Verifier:

Apply Online

You can apply online by going to the National Verifier consumer portal at National Verifier and creating an account. You may find out if you qualify for Lifeline through the website immediately after applying online. If the National Verifier cannot automatically prove your eligibility, you must upload more documents to the consumer portal.


Online Application Link:


Every year, you have to show that you still qualify for Lifeline. The National Verifier will first try to confirm your eligibility automatically.
If the National Verifier cannot recertify you, USAC will contact you with instructions. You must follow these instructions; otherwise, you will lose your Lifeline benefit. USAC will also send you reminders.

All forms for qualification, address change, and recertification can be found here