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Are you tired of only having major companies with absurd prices as options for a wireless internet provider?


What makes Resound Networks different?

Well, we are glad you asked, because in short…EVERYTHING.

Locally Owned

We are a locally owned company. We understand and know how important wireless internet is to both our residential and commercial customers in our service areas. Having been born and raised in the Texas Panhandle, we also have a deep knowledge of the difficulties that they might present for Wireless Internet Service Providers.

We have worked tirelessly over many years to gain a deep understanding of how to best serve our customers. We are not some major corporation that only views our customers as dollar signs. We are your friends, family, neighbors and hopefully soon, your business partners.

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Up To Date Technology

Wireless internet is a constantly changing industry. New technology becomes available each and every month. At Resound Networks, we pride ourselves on staying on top of industry developments to help bring our customers the most up to date technology.

Through research and practice, we have found how to provide the highest quality, high-speed wireless internet at the lowest possible costs. We consistently update our towers to be equipped with the latest offerings to make sure that even when our competitors fall short, Resound Networks continues to provide our service areas with the quality wireless internet.

Going Above and Beyond

West Texas, Western Oklahoma, and Eastern New Mexico are all known for their wild weather patterns. When large storms blow in over the South Plains region, they can wreak serious havoc. This means for many customers of the major wireless providers’ outages are a common occurrence.

We understand how important the internet is to our customers’ lives and businesses, and therefore have installed battery backups and generators to our service towers. Even when the unpredictable weather of the region hits hard, our customers will be able to access the internet when they need to the most.

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Looking for a LOCAL WIRELESS INTERNET PROVIDER that can provide the EXPERIENCE you are looking for?

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